Workshops with Kimberly Brooks

Astric C, NYC

"After 25 years of oil painting I felt creatively spent. I was telling all this to a painter friend who asked offhandedly “do use a lot of solvents?” (I used OMS like a water colorist). She suggested the book The New Oil Painting. I read it in one sitting and then saw that you gave workshops.The lectures and live sessions have been transformative and reinvigorates my passion for art-making."

Lena F., OR

This program is absolutely amazing, like a very strong foundation which you can build your wildest oil painting practice on. Kimberly generously shares all the knowledge she built over the years, so you don’t have to spend years making mistakes to gain it. Interviews with working contemporary artists are inspiring and energizing, it makes “being an artist” very tangible and real. Plus live sessions with critiques - just love it.

Frank F., LA, CA

Kimberly’s lessons on the architecture of a painting have forever changed the way I work, think about and view works of art. I have been painting 8-10 years and from this class I have learned so much practical information that I can actually use. My experience of NYC art schools is really that you are on your own to figure things out.

Kathleen B., Washington

These six months, have enabled me to embrace that process along with a HUGE swath of interwoven and relevant information, all tied to not only creating the work, but learning how to talk about it, write about it, using new computer skills I never expected to explore. I loved this class and am excited to continue as a founding member.

Randi M., Los Angeles

As a professional artist, it is so hard to find a seminar that is both informative and challenging. The Masterclass is this that and so much more. The information, tools, and live sessions are a game-changer. I highly recommend the Masterclass for any artist that wants to improve their communication, presentation, and thinking skills. Your artwork will be forever grateful.

James F., Florida

“This Masterclass offers a uniquely rigorous, highly structured way to make a body of work. I love how it breaks the practice of making art into a series of steps…The live group sessions— the razor sharp wit of the other artists— are the heart and soul of the class. Kimberly Brooks and the critique group have helped me workshop my ideas, make them stronger, and refine how I practice art into something much more focused. Seeing what everyone is working on, hearing feedback, and seeing how everyone's work improves is a gift. “ 

Jennifer H., Detroit, MI

I absolutely recommend this program because It offers such a unique take on Photoshop and really connects it with art making in a way I've never seen in any tutorial. This format offers great flexibility and I really appreciate being able to access the instruction as it suits my schedule. It’s like Netflix for artists. You can totally binge-watch!

John M., Santa Fe, NM

As a professional artist, it is hard to find a seminar or class that is so informative and practical on the subject of Photoshop. The information, demonstrations, and hilarious side anecdotes are priceless. I highly recommend the Photoshop for Artists for any artist who wants up there composition game. Your artwork will be forever grateful.  

Katherine S., SF, CA

Kimberly knows which features are most important and she hones in on them right away. Her hilarious asides and anecdotes make it so much more fun and interesting to learn Photoshop than I had expected. I had tried in the past to learn it and got nowhere; now I'm progressing a ton with each practice session. Kimberly shows you the actions you'll use most often when creating PS documents.

Letter from Kimberly

Kind Reader,

I spent so many years teaching in person and finding myself inhaling as much as I could to attempt to exhale years of knowledge other artist's heads but there was never enough time. In 2019, I began a series of recordings, from the subtle to the concrete. I use metaphor, visuals and laughter - the key to everything.

If you are interested in setting up a phone call to find out which might be the best for you, you can do so here.

I look forward to hearing from you.



Kimberly Brooks is an artist, author and educator.

She engages artists on every level. In addition to painting, she writes about, interviews artists at First Person Artist (Since 2008). She founded the Arts Section of the Huffington Post (2010). She is a featured artists for the National Endowment for the Arts, she exhibits internationally. She is the author of The New Oil Painting. Her workshops have been featured in The New York Review of Books and her popular Masterclass has birthed many new bodies of work from artists all over the world.

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